Choosing The Best LED Bulbs

Choosing The Best LED Bulbs From Luxon Lighting

LED technology has developed rapidly in recent years. Bright, efficient LED bulbs are now readily available and are no longer restricted to commercial applications. With increasingly lower prices and energy-saving superiority, LED bulbs have long been heralded as the future for home lighting.

Why buy LED bulbs?

LED lighting uses very little energy and unlike regular energy-saving bulbs, LEDs are instantly bright from the second you switch them on.

While prices are higher than those of traditional incandescent bulbs, LEDs rarely require regular replacement, making the initial outlay more affordable in the long run. Surprisingly, some brands boast a lifespan as long as 25 to 30 years.

While LED lights are undoubtedly the most expensive varieties available, in addition to their greater longevity, they also incur considerably lower lighting costs. Using 90% less energy than incandescent bulbs, LEDs contribute enhanced energy savings over a short space of time.

Our LED BULB LIGHT 9003 is brighter and cheaper to run than a traditional 50w Halogen and boasts an aluminum chassis for enhanced life expectancy.

What to look out for?

Although LED lighting does boast superior performance, the quality of the bulbs can vary, making it important that you pick a reliable product to get the best-LED bulb for you.

It’s crucial to consider the lumen output and the LED manufacturer. Cree, Samsung, and Bridgelux are widely renowned as some of the best manufacturers in the lighting industry.

The label on a lighting product allows consumers to base their purchase on the brightness of the bulb and the cost of its operation, rather than on the more traditional consideration of wattage.

Most LED bulbs are designed to work with existing light fittings and can be used as direct replacements. Some are also compatible with existing transformers and dimmers.

Our bestselling LED BULB LIGHT 9003 is the ideal replacement for existing halogens in the home. Using only the best Cree LEDs, it provides a fantastic light output with a high CRI (Colour Rendering Index). The higher the CRI, the better the color rendering ability of the bulb.

How to choose LEDs for the home?

From warm whites to bright daylights, the light outputs of LED bulbs are classified according to Colour Temperature. The higher the temperature, the brighter the light output and the more energetic the effect on the immediate environment.

The most common colors used in domestic applications are from the warm white, lower temperatures of the spectrum. The light output of the lower color temperatures is similar to that emitted by traditional halogen bulbs, making warm white the obvious replacement choice when switching to LED lighting in the home.

While cool white colors are suited to an office or retail environment and bright