What Is The Use of LED Lighting For Homes?

LED Lighting For Homes

LED Lighting For Homes to Luxon Lighting

LED technology has increase its growth rapidly. Efficient LED Bulb is now readily available. Among its low-cost prices and energy saver superiority that belong to LED lighting for homes.

Why purchase LED Bulbs?

LED lighting utilizes almost no energy and rest lighting equipments used so much power of energy, LEDs take instant time to get bright while you switch them on

While prices are higher than those of traditional incandescent bulbs. LEDs replacement chances are low. Interior LED bulbs lifespan boost up to 25 to 30 years.

While LED lights are undoubtedly the most expensive varieties available, in addition to their greater longevity. Using 90% less energy than other bulbs, LEDs contribution is energy saving over short space of time.

Our LED bulb is brighter and cheaper than a traditional 50W halogen which is very appropriate for LED lighting for Homes.

What to look out for?

Although LED lighting does boast superior performance, the quality of the bulbs can vary, making it important that you pick a reliable product to get the best LED bulb for you.

The label on a LED lighting product allows consumers to base their price on the brightness of the bulb and the cost of its operation, rather than on the more traditional consideration of wattage.

Our bestselling COB LED Track Light Series is the ideal replacement for existing halogens in the home. Using only the best-LED lighting for home, it provides a fantastic light output with a high CRI (Colour Rendering Index). The higher the CRI, the better the color rendering ability of the bulb.

How to choose LED Lighting for home?

From warm whites to bright daylights, the light outputs of LED bulbs, COB Downlight Series, COB Zoom Light and Fancy LED Downlight Sries are classified according to Color Temperature. The higher the temperature, the brighter the light output and the more energetic the effect on the immediate environment.

The most common colors used in domestic applications are from the warm white, lower temperatures of the spectrum. The light output of the lower colour temperatures is similar to that emitted by traditional halogen bulbs, making warm white the obvious replacement choice when switching to LED lighting in the home.

Focus on Features

Luxon Lighting used to architectural features and special areas of making them significantly brighter. Luxon Lighting can help to establish visual hierarchy also.

LED Flood used for highlighting focal points. It achieved by mounting on ground and aiming the light upwards on a building or structure for different effects. It can create atmosphere appropriate and found in landscape applications to trees.

An alternative way to highlight an architectural feature is by focussing light towards the back of it. Light striking the front of the object softened or eliminated completely.

Create Contrast

Luxon lighting helps give dimension to a building and the landscape surrounding it. While Floodlighting surfaces to layering different techniques and stunning effects.

If the façade of a building features a regular pattern of windows, one approach may be to use linear Panel Light Series in the recesses. This application leaves the façade relatively dark, but the building itself seen as a regular pattern of illuminated shapes.

Luxon Lighting can be subtle or dramatic, monochromatic or colourful. They draw the eye and influence visual perspective. Luxon Lighting offers a wide range of architectural lighting solutions. Contact us today to discuss your LED architectural lighting requirements.

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